And this is my lifesize collection!! Hey, who needs a burglar alarm or watch dog??! :)

What I have is a Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Jawa, ESB Yoda, AOTC Yoda, Wicket the Ewok, and a temp. R2-D2! The only other thing I would like to get is a "proper" R2-D2. :)


"If you only knew the power of the dark side...."


Yes, and if you only knew how long I've been dreaming of having a lifesized Darth Vader!!! And now, my destiny is finally complete!! :D

After a long long time waiting for the leather shirt, it's finally arrived, and not only that, I've got a set of new and much more accurate chest armor! So thank you Lord, Hallelujah, my Vader is now finished!!!

What you see there is (from the top):

  • A "cking Dark DLX" fiberglass helmet, casted from a low numbered Don Post Deluxe helmet.
  • Cape, made by myself out of 100% England wool and satin inner lining, like the original, and with PVC collar and garden chain;
  • Chest armor and shoulder bells made by Phoenix Vader.
  • Leather shirt and trousers by Katarra Kreations, polished to a shine and wrinkled by me;
  • Inner robe by myself, made of 100% England wool;
  • Chestbox by Dark Shadow;
  • Belt by Galaxy Trading, with a low-quality ROTJ lightsaber replica attached.
  • Cod-piece by Dark Shadow, modified slightly by myself;
  • Gloves by Galaxy Trading, but trimmed 2" to make it shorter and more like the movie version;
  • Shin armor by Galaxy Trading, painted by Vaderpainter;
  • Locally-made cheapish ankle-high leather shoes. (They should be knee-high leather boots, but since you can't really see them anyway! :)

This Vader is built on a 6'6" mannequin (Dave Prowse was 6'7" in his Star Wars days). The mannequin was very skinny though, so I had to bulk it up all over A LOT.

You can't really tell from the pictures, but he is HUGE!!!!! With the helmet and boots on, he stands at 6'9"!!! Standing in front of him, you really know that you don't wanna mess with him!!

Below: Luke's eyeview when standing in front of his father... :)



See this page for MORE PICS of my lifesize Vader including closeups of the helmet,
information on how I made the Vader, and pics of my previous versions.

Couple more pics of my Vader and Stormtrooper together: PIC 1, PIC 2


"It's them! Blast them!"

And here is an ULTRA-RARE and movie-accurate lifesize replica stormtrooper!! This is not the commonly-seen Armor F/X or Galaxy Trading versions you see worn by around 95% of all fan troopers. Unlike those suits which were originally sculpted from reference pics, the suit you see here was cast from an ORIGINAL SCREEN-USED stormtrooper suit in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and so what you see here is just like what you see in the movie, not merely a lookalike replication!!!

<--- Note: The right shin guard looks bigger cos I couldn't shut it properly at the back, due to the mannequin stand "prong" that goes into the back of the right calf.


This set was produced quite some time ago shortly before Lucasfilm clamped down on it, and I am very fortunate to own a set, as these are now nearly extinct and not produced anymore. Luckily, I also got hold of a spare set of this armor, which I just MIGHT one day consider letting go of. ;)

This is a wearable stormtrooper costume. After obtaining the armor (and trimming to size), I placed it on a 6' mannequin (along with some dance leotards, gloves and boots). The trooper stands about 6'2" tall, which would probably prompt Leia to say, "aren't you a little tall for a stormtrooper?" if she ever saw this. :)
(I think the 'right' size for a stormtrooper is probably around 5'10".)

The mannequin has flexible arms, which is great as it allows me to pose the trooper holding the blaster.

The armor is made of glossy white ABS plastic. I spent a lot of time, labor and sweat on it, carefully trimming the pieces, drilling the necessary holes, and painting the necessary pieces etc. to make it ready to wear.

I also had to bulk up the trooper as it was too skinny (like my Vader). (What's with these anorexic mannequins?? Don't they get fed in the factory??)

And here's a closeup of the helmet:


See this page for MORE PICS of the stormtrooper, the helmet, E-11 blaster,
plus of my OLD "popular-style" armor as well as COMPARISON PICS.



Judge me by my size, do you?"

This is the best and most accurate lifesize replica of the Jedi Master YODA I have ever seen!! This is the version as seen in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

The head was sculpted by an extremely talented artisan and made available to a very limited number of people by Chris King (THANK YOU!!!).

The entire thing was then completed by the Almighty Ronculus who painted it, and added the eyes, hair, body, clothes, body and accessories.

The accessories include a superbly-crafted cane, belt, pouch, and "flute"/necklace. The quality of this thing is absolutely stunning!!!

It is mainly made out of resin, and stands 28.5" tall.

Below, you can see that the hands can be placed down, revealing the belt and pouch, and the necklace.

See this page for MORE PICS of my lifesize ESB Yoda.



"Much to learn, you still have!"

This is the limited edition lifesize replica of Yoda, as seen in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

This one is made by Rubies, and is numbered 789 out of 10,000. It is made using a combination of latex and hard "bread crumb" foam.

Like the IC Yoda above, it stands 26" tall, but on a 3.75" base. It also comes with a 28" green plastic blade, but it doesn't look too realistic hence I don't display it. The lightsaber is also quite a bit too big.

The main thing I did to this Yoda was to totally re-do the hair, which was the weakest part of the Yoda by far. It was basically just clumps of hair sprouting out sporadically here and there. Basically, I pulled it all out and reapplied it back on using glue, and I believe it now looks waaay better! :)

Overall, I think this is the best thing Rubies ever produced. Though it probably isn't saying much, it really is an excellent addition to my lifesize collection!


See this page for MORE PICS of my lifesize AOTC Yoda.



"UTINNII!! Crry---yaai--yai-yaii...."

This ranks as one of my favorite lifesize items - she's so cute!! (since no one can tell for sure, I've decided that it's a "she"... :))

She was made by Dustin Crops Boy with high precision to resemble the ROTJ version, which has a lighter brown robe than the ANH version.

She stands at 3' 4" tall.

The eyes light up with the help of a switch, and perhaps someday soon I'll get it to be motion-activated, along with a sound card unit that will make her speak!

The robe is made from a Ralph Lauren King-Sized blanket dyed brown, just like the original.

The gloves are brown jersey gloves, just like the original.

The bandolier is a British pattern 1903 leather bandolier, just like the original.

The holster is a home-made one made of real leather.

Notice the jawa has an inner robe and bandaged feet.

I modified her a little by adding a bit more bulk to her body, which was also very skinny originally.

And here's his ultra-awesome R2-immobilizer, the Jawa ION blaster!! Made by the very talented Moncal (who's, btw, also an excellent country singer/musician!). It's made from a real Mk3 Enfield 303 caliber rifle. Coincidentally, this blaster arrived at the most opportune time for the Jawa - the same time as my lifesize R2 (see below), for her to shoot down! :D

And here's a picture of the real thing (pic courtesy of Parts of Star Wars) to show you how awesome this replica is:

  EWOK (Wicket Warrick)

"YUB YUB!!! "

I must first declare that, I've never been a big fan of ewoks. However, after I saw this, I knew I just HAD to get it!! It's just too cute not to!!

This Ewok is Wicket Warrick, and is made by an INCREDIBLY talented artisan known as Ronculus. He only made a handful of these, and mine was the last to be made.

This Wicket stands at 2' 8" tall, and was partially tailor-made to my directions, particularly to ensure that it had a big enough beer-belly and butt. After I got it, I also made slight alterations to the cowl, as well as giving him an all-around haircut cos the original hair was a bit too long, IMO. (you should have seen my room after the haircut - even worse than a hairdresser's! :D).

BTW, the crappy spear you see there is made by myself from a cheap mop stick I found (and the white string you see is actually the mop strings! Economical, eh? :)). The stone is epoxy putty on cardboard. One day I must find a real stick of wood from the forest, and also a real stone.

Anyway, I'm more than pleased with this ewok. I actually have not seen a better lifesize Wicket!


I think we all know who ate the pie!!!



"&*^%$ $#@><!!"
(translation: "Haha! You're naked!!")

Apart from a lifesize Vader, one of the other things I've always been longing to have since I was a child was a lifesize Artoo Detoo. I've been (and am still) on the lookout for a good quality and affordable R2 (also some spare cash :)), but in the meantime, I thought I would save his place in my studio by getting a nice cheap clone!!

This R2 is made by Dorling Kindersley, out of cardboard! It's amazing to think that when I bought this R2 new, it came in a flat box with a few sheets of cardboard! The R2 was put together mainly by just folding the cardboard in a specified way, with not even any glue required!

Anyway, I hope to be able to get myself a proper high-quality lifesize R2 before too long. For now, I hope this R2 will do as my jawa's target-practice... :D